Happy New Year

I love New Year’s Eve. Mind you, I rarely go out. Between my husband’s profession, children and community life, I have a crowded social calendar. So, I prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with my family, recovering from the hustle-bustle of the holidays, and contemplative of the promise each new year brings.

January 1st is like a blank notebook, full of possibilities and unblemished. And in anticipation of such a peaceful, lovely day, New Year’s Eve is almost certain to be the one evening of the year that I find myself blissfully asleep before midnight.

Maybe I’m just getting old? If so, I’m okay with it. I have no desire to go out and party all night.

Some years, I’ll write down a few resolutions. Usually nothing too spectacular, “Get fit, get organized, do more for others.” I suspect it’s the usual fare. I tuck them away, rarely to look at them again as the year unveils itself. Like others, I sometimes enjoy a modest success. But traditions are tradition, after all.

Today, I ran into this article: “My 3 Words for 2015” and thought, “I like it—I want to play that game.”

So, these are my three words for 2015: Garden, Tendrils, Singular

Garden: I chose this word for my soul. I never regret the time I’ve spent outdoors, in my garden. I’m happy with my hands in the dirt.

Tendrils: Okay, I know this may sound a bit esoteric/strange, but there is a sentiment I’m feeling that is somewhere between partnerships and Horton Hears A Who. It’s a more conscientious awareness of our link to others and fostering those connections in business and life. For me, “tendrils” has a deeper meaning than “networking,” which has always struck me as somewhat superficial.

Singular: I’m a master multitasker. I want to focus more on doing one thing at a time. And doing whatever the task at hand is to the best of my ability.

These three words are written on a yellow sticky note that is taped onto my computer.

Perhaps I have found a new tradition?