Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Open Minds, Open Arms

Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Carlsbad, CA


Holy Cross Episcopal Church has built a beautiful, loving community here in Carlsbad. We ere fortunate to be asked to work with them to help create and plan a dynamic new website with event listings, donation capabilities, downloadable sermons, a  membership directory and plenty of photos. They live by their motto of ‘Open Minds, Open Arms’ and we tried to reflect that in the site with sections laying out their philosophies, outreach efforts, and programs.

“Holy Cross is a welcoming, inclusive, open and affirming congregation. We are comprised of and reach out to: the young and the old, the seasoned and the newcomer, those who are married and those who are divorced, partnered and single individuals, widows and widowers, families, those who identify as straight and those who identify as LGBTQ, the wealthy and those with limited financial resources, and individuals from any ethnic, cultural or faith background.

At Holy Cross, please know that you are granted immunity from the painful ravages of religious bigotry and intolerance. Holy Cross exists as a gift from the Holy Spirit to you. It is a place where a loving God who sees all life as being divinely connected in a sacred and unbroken unity receives your thoughts, meditations, prayers, tears, anger, and joy. This is the same God who calls each of us by name and accepts us with unconditional love, and who offers what the world can never give – peace that passes all human understanding.”

Holy Cross in Carlsbad