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The Website Design Process for Your Business

We understand that the prospect of creating a new website can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

When beginning a new relationship with a client, especially those who are faced with the task of creating their very first website, there are several questions that everyone seems to have in common about the website design process. “How do we get started?” “What do you need from us?” and “What is your process and how long will it take?”

We thought we would outline how we generally like to go about things at DMY Studio. Click here to download and view our infographic, “The Website Design Process For Your Business”.

Step 1: Getting To Know You

We like to listen.

We like to start each project with a clear understanding of how your business operates, who your clientele are, who your competition is, what kind of collateral materials are already in existence, etc. We view ourselves as part of your team and take your success very seriously.

Step 2: Establish Your Goals

Smart solutions.

What do you wish to achieve with your shiny new website? What organizational needs do you have for your company and how can your website help you achieve them? Keeping in mind that your website is almost always a marketing tool and a hub for the rest of your growing online presence, your goals may include the following:

  • Increased sales
  • Share knowledge
  • Establishing credibility or expertise
  • Increased storefront traffic
  • Attracting investors
  • Cultivating your community
  • Promoting a business model

There is always more than one way to achieve your goals. We’ll help you find the smartest one.

Step 3: Sitemap Development & Research

And if warranted, a wireframe.

It’s important to identify the primary sections of your website, shopping cart flow, special features, blog categories, etc. An intuitive, user-friendly navigation is a key element for your website to be successful. Do you need to include calendars, password protected members-only sections, galleries, store location finders? If you are writing a blog, what categories will you be using?

Putting thought into how your website is organized is critical.

Step 4: Content Development

Content is king!

Original, concise and informative content is critical. We take the view that website design must support and be built around your organizational objectives, which is why we are generally not fans of generic templates. And because no one knows your business better than you, we are reliant upon our clients to provide us the text for their websites. We are happy to work with clients to develop an appropriate direction, provide an outline of needed materials, help edit, etc.

Step 5: Website Design

How many of you thought that this is where it all started?

By the time we actually begin the design phase of a project, we are sure to have a pretty good idea of our client’s needs and the best direction for us to take. It’s time for us to get appropriately creative with everything we have learned about you and your organization. We will typically present at least 2 or 3 customized designs for our client’s initial scrutiny and input. Appropriate revisions follow until everyone is happy and excited with the look and feel of the new website.

Step 6: Website Build

Using the blueprint created with our designs, your content and everything else we have learned, we start the actual build of your website incorporating whatever appropriate languages, platforms or technology that are the best choice for your organization.

Step 7: Testing & Publication


We make sure everything is functioning perfectly and then we push your beautiful new website out into the world!

What next?

We’ll be there for the long run.

Periodic website updates, maintenance, analytics reviews, seo planning, social media tactical plans, Google Adword Campaigns are all tools that can help your website become an integral part of your marketing arsenal.

Click here to download and view our infographic, “The Website Design Process For Your Business”.

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